Executing a Plate Dispense

Executing a plate dispense is simple. Before you proceed, you should have performed the prerequisites.




To dispense a plate design:


To dispense with barcodes:

  1. Go to the Tools menu, select Options, and then go to the Scan Barcode and Dispense settings under the Dispense Options tab.

  2. Turn on the barcode setting by selecting Yes from the Use Barcode list.

  3. OPTIONAL: If you want to dispense multiple barcode plates, select Yes for the Multi Barcode Mode option.

  4. Select the desired barcode action:

  5. Select the desired action for the TEMPEST to perform if it failed reading the barcode labels from the Action if barcode failed list:

  6. Type the number of retries that the barcode scanner will attempt to read a barcode label before announcing an error into the Num of Tries Barcode Scanner option box.

  7. Click Save to save your changes.

  8. Click the Run Dispense button   on the Dispense Control Panel, or press F5 on your keyboard.

  9. Once the Dispense Log window appears, click the Run Dispense button to start dispensing.


Note:  Click the Stop button to abort the dispense process or click the Save button to save the dispense log into file.

Dispense Log Window

When the dispense finishes, if you are not planning to dispense more than one plate, you can run reagent recovery to conserve reagent volume (optional), or proceed directly to washing the chips.


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