Input Control Panel

The Input Control Panel is found below the Device Control panel. This panel is used for assigning reagents to chips, setting the input type (tube or pipette tip), and running the prime, wash, and recovery commands on the chips. The image below shows you the Input Control Panel when you first run the TEMPEST software. To assign your reagents to the input chips and start dispensing, you are first required to configure the chips as shown in the Configuring the TEMPEST Chip section.

The Input Control Panel When the Chips Have Not Been Configured Yet

The Installed Chips and Assigned Reagents in the Input Control Panel


From the input control panel, you are able to set the reagent input source (a tube or a pipette tip) and run the following commands on the hardware:



Understanding the Input Control Panel

The Input Toolbar provides you with six dedicated buttons to perform specific TEMPEST operations, which are explained below. You can execute these commands on all chips/inputs at once, or multi-select different chips/inputs and run the commands on select chips, or run commands on one chip/input at a time.


Input Toolbar


Edit Protocol

TEMPEST enables you to create dispense protocol to help you work faster and more efficient, especially when you use the same hardware setup or plate design. Input Control Panel settings provide you with Edit Protocol button to easily access or edit your current dispense protocol. For more information, see Creating and Using a Protocol.

Edit Protocol Button in the Input Control Panel


Chip Type Indicator

The chip type indicator shows the chip type used in a dispense:

You can set the chip types in the Configuring the TEMPEST Chip.


What are the Yellow Lines?

You will see either yellow lines, a yellow block, or a combination of both on the chip images in the input control panel.  A yellow block indicates a commonly-controlled chip — three yellow lines indicates an independently-controlled chip.


Removing Reagents from the Input Control Panel

To remove reagents from the input control panel, right-click on the reagent. You will be presented with two options:


Important: Recover and wash chips before removing reagents.


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