Cleaning the Chips

It’s important to clean the chips after each use to prevent cross-contamination and the formation of dried reagent buildup. Before you begin, remove any reagent tubes from the reagent bottles and direct them to a waste container.

When setting up the MANTIS wash stations, water should go in Wash Station 1, and wash solution should go in Wash Station 2. There are three types of washes you can use to clean your MANTIS chips: a 1-step wash, a 2-step wash, and a 3-step wash. You will need to use wash solution for either the 2-step or 3-step wash. For more information, read Wash Step(s).

If you are going to immediately use the chips. it is recommended that you run the 3-step wash using a wash solution of your choice. If you intend to store the chips in alcohol, you can run a 2-step wash using alcohol as the wash solution, and then rinse the chips with water by running a 1-step wash prior to use.




To clean all diaphragm chips:


To clean an individual diaphragm chip:


To clean a Continuous Flow chip:

  1. Remove the Continuous Flow cap from your reagent bottle and screw it onto a different reagent bottle containing your wash solution.

  2. Attach the chip to the MANTIS hand.

  3. Click the Prime Input button .

Note: The prime volume set for a Continuous Flow chip may need to be adjusted to ensure the chip is completely cleaned.

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