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Online License Activation

Online license activation can be done when MANTIS control computer has Internet access and can connect to the FORMULATRIX server.




To activate and reactivate a license online:

  1. Open the MANTIS software.

  2. If a license violation message appears, click Activate License. Otherwise, go to the Help menu and click Licensing.

    Online License Activation Dialog Box

  3. Click the Activate button under the Online Activation.

  4. Then, input the Client ID in the Client ID box. If it is entered correctly, a green tick will appear next to the Client ID box, as shown in the screenshot below:

    Input the Client ID

    Note: If you do not already have a Client ID from FORMULATRIX support, click the Request License button under Online Activation. Then, the identifying information from your MANTIS instrument will be automatically sent to and the support team will send you a Client ID.

    Note: A red Xindicates that your Client ID is incorrect. Please ensure that you have input the correct Client ID and try again. If this problem persists, please contact FORMULATRIX support for further assistance.


  5. Click Continue. MANTIS will first try to activate the license, and then show a message indicating whether the activation was successful or not. Click OK to restart the software. If the activation was not successful, contact for assistance.

MANTIS License Has Been Activated



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