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Upgrading the MANTIS Software

Upgrading the MANTIS software to the latest version allows you to experience exciting new features. Follow the tutorial below to upgrade MANTIS.


Note: You can check for updates at any time by going to the Help menu, and clicking Check for Updates.

To upgrade the MANTIS software:

  1. Locate the latest MANTIS installer on your computer, double-click the installer, and select Yes on the launcher to run the installer.

    The MANTIS Software Launcher

    Important: If some intermittent messages appear after you double-click the MANTIS installer, click OK to close the messages, or click Yes in the MANTIS setup confirmation window to quit the MANTIS installation setup. Then, restart the installation process by repeating step 1.

  2. In the MANTIS Setup wizard, click Next to proceed.

    The MANTIS Setup Wizard

  3. In the Installation Type section, select Upgrade Existing MANTISĀ® Installation, then click Next.

    Selecting the Installation Mode

  4. In the Install Destination section, choose from the following options.

    Note: The software installation is normally located on the MANTIS USB drive, though in rare situations the software will be installed directly on a PC hard drive.

  5. Click Yes on the pop-up dialog to continue.

    Confirmation Update Pop-up

  6. A summary of the installation information will be displayed in the Confirmation Installation section. Click Install.

    Confirm the Installation

  7. Please wait while MANTIS software upgrade is installing. Then, click Next to proceed.

    MANTIS Software Installation Progress

  8. Click Finish to close the installation wizard and run the MANTIS software automatically.

    MANTIS Software Installation is Finished


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