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Valve Control

The Valve Control tab, found on the Device Control panel, shows which parts of the chip are open or on, and which are closed or off. You can watch the action on the Valve Control tab during a dispense for entertainment; however, it is primarily used by support staff during troubleshooting sessions.

Valve Control Tab


Plate Clamp Toggle

The Plate Clamp's main function is to lock and align your plate when you run the dispensing process so that the plate will be at the proper position for accurate dispensing results. The Plate Clamp will be automatically active (green) when you run the dispensing process, and will be inactive (red) after the dispensing process is done. The plate clamp is pneumatic. Changing its state will activate the pump for a few seconds in order to actuate it.


Air Pump Toggle

The Air Pump turns the air pump on and off. The air pump provides adequate pressure and vacuum for MANTIS to run the dispensing, priming and washing processes. Red indicates that the air pump is inactive, and green indicates that it is active. The air pump also will automatically activate when you run dispense, prime, and wash. When you run the dispensing process, it takes two seconds for the air pump to start. The air pump will need to stabilize the pressure and vacuum before MANTIS runs the dispensing process. When MANTIS has finished running the dispensing process, the air pump will be inactive after it reaches its timeout limit.



The Pressure and Vacuum toggle turns on and off the pressure in the bottle. A Continuous Flow (CF) chip needs to be on the hand for the bottle to be pressurized. A green toggle indicates that the vacuum is active, and a red toggle indicates that the pressure is active. The Pressure and Vacuum toggle is available only if you are using a CF chip for dispensing.


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