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Exporting Dispense Summary

MANTIS automatically logs each dispense summary in the software database. In the Dispense Summary window, you can access the dispense summary and export the log file to your preferred location in your local drive. You can also set the password encryption when exporting and accessing the exported PDF file to ensure the data security.

To access the Dispense Summary window, go to the Tools menu and select Export Dispense Summaries. This topic covers the following sections:

Note: The Export Dispense Summaries option will automatically appear under the Tools menu if you have activated the User Management and Audit Trail license.

Export Dispense Summaries Option

Dispense Summary Overview

Using the Dispense Summary window, you can set the time range of the dispense summary, view the document, and enable the PDF encryption before exporting the .PDF file by using the following functionalities:

Dispense Summary Window

Exporting the Dispense Summary Log File Walkthrough



To export the dispense summary log:

  1. In the Dispense Summary window, select a time range of the log files you want to export by clicking the dropdown button in the provided fields.

    Select the Time Range of the Dispense Summary Log

  2. OPTIONAL: Define the export location of your preference by following the steps below:

    1. Click the Change button under the options menu bar.

    2. Select the destination folder or create a new one in the Browse For Folder window.

    3. Click OK.

    Note: The Dispense Summaries exporter will always revert to the default location after the log file has been successfully exported. Repeat steps a-c whenever it is desired to send exported files to an alternate location.

  3. Choose from the following options to export the log file.

  4. OPTIONAL: Enter the authentication password when the Set New Dispense Summary Document authentication window appears.

  5. Click OK. Your log file will be automatically saved on the defined location.

    The Dispense Summary Log .PDF File Has Been Successfully Exported

Setting Up the PDF Log File Encryption Password

To ensure the security of your dispense log, you can set a password when exporting to a .PDF format.


To set a PDF encryption password:

  1. In the Dispense Summary window, select the Enable Password Protection option.

  2. The Set New Dispense Summary Document window will automatically appear when you export a selected log file or all available log files.

    Set New Dispense Summary Document Window

  3. Type a password in the New Password field with at least 8 characters.

    Note: Each exported PDF file requires entry of a password which will be used to open the specific exported file.

  4. Click OK when you’re done. The file will be automatically exported to your previously selected location.

  5. To open the exported file, go to the audit trail log file directory or click the View Export Directory button for quicker access.

  6. Type the password in the Password window for authentication.

    Password Authentication Window

  7. Click OK to access the file.


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