ROCK MAKER University

ROCK MAKER University is an advanced, interactive help tool. It includes both software tours, to get you acquainted with the software; and tutorials that actually walk you through a common task, such as creating a protein or creating a screen experiment.

ROCK MAKER University Home

ROCK MAKER University consists of four categories, each of which contains a different list of tutorials. The four categories are as follows:

Note: If the icon is a bus , then the tutorial is a tour, and will show you around the software and related tools you will use during that phase of the crystallization process. If the icon is a graduation cap , then ROCK MAKER University will have you perform a specific task, step-by-step.

1) Design

The Design category contains tours and tutorials which show you the basics of creating experiments in ROCK MAKER. The following tutorials are included:


2) Dispense

The Dispense category contains one tutorial on how to integrate ROCK MAKER with the NT8 dispensing robot. The following tutorial is included:.


3) Image

The Image category contains tours on how to view images and use the Navigator. The following tours are included:


4) Analyze

The Analyze category contains tours on how to retrieve, view, and analyze your experiment results using Search and Filter. The following tours are included:



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