Viewing Images Overview


There are several concepts you need to understand in order to get the most out your images.


Getting Started

If an experiment has images, the experiment will automatically open to Image View when you open the plate. However, you can access images view at any time through the following methods:

Image View Button on Experiment Contextual Tab Set

View Bar — Image View Button Highlighted


When ROCK MAKER is in Images view, the Canvas tab will display one drop image for every well. For multi-drop plates, you can view use the Well tab while you move around your plate. These images are thumbnails of the original well images that give you a quick glimpse at the contents of the wells.

You can save the thumbnail view by right-clicking a well and selecting Save Thumbnail.

Note: When you switch to the Images view and the plate has an imaging setting associated with it, ROCK MAKER will show that imaging setting by default.


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