Drawing Regions of Interest

You can designate an area of the drop as a "region of interest" (ROI) using the Region of Interest (ROI) tool. Once a region is defined, your imaging system will zoom in on it and image it separately from the drop the next time that drop is imaged.

The boxes in the ROI tool show you the actual photographable area for each imaging type, which is limited by the constraints of the hardware for each imaging method.

Each imaging type is represented by different colors. You may or may not see some of these colors depending on the hardware in your system.


Color of ROI Box Light Path
Red Visible
Violet Ultraviolet (UV)
White Imaging is disabled for the ROI. You must enable it to continue photographing the ROI.

When viewing images in ROCK MAKER, you can zoom in on a region by selecting it from the Region list on the strip navigator above your image. You can also select custom Imaging Settings for the region.


Drawing a Region of Interest

  1. Click the Region of Interest button on the Tools tab in the Images tab set.

  2. Drag the box to create a region of interest.

  3. If you would like to lock the region of interest so that it cannot be moved or deleted, right-click it and select Lock Region.

  4. Repeat steps 2 – 4 to define more regions.


Deleting a Region of Interest


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System Properties are where you can change behind-the-scenes ROCK MAKER behaviors. For more information, please read Advanced Properties.


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