Performing a Search

  1. On the Explorer, right-click Searches (or a folder within Searches) and select New Search and Filter.


    Right-click on an experiment, project, folder, or protein formulation, point to Analyze, and then select a saved Search and Filter.

    Tip: To analyze multiple experiments and/or plates, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while selecting the desired experiments/plates, then right-click on the selected area.

  2. Select what you want to find from the available list in Search For.

  3. Click Browse to define in which location(s) you want to conduct the search.

  4. Select the location accordingly, click and click OK.

  5. The Search In can be anything found under Projects on the Explorer, including projects, protein formulations, experiments, plates, folders, or even the entire Projects directory.

Note: If you want to have a more precise result, click the Advanced button to add constraints or include more fields.

  1. Click the Search button.

  2. Results are shown in the Search Results table.

  3. The Instant Filters panel is automatically enabled on the left side of your screen.

  4. Click the Edit Filters button to filter your search results and click the Edit Columns button in Search Results table to add and edit column(s). The filters and columns defined from the Edit Filters and Edit Columns settings will then be shown in the Instant Filters panel as detailed information.

  5. Use the selected filter and column to mine through your data. You can manage your selected filter and column here to generate more precise search results. Each time you have finished selecting the desired filters and columns, ROCK MAKER will run the search again. Because of this, it is recommended to make your selections efficiently in order to minimize the time spent on searching.




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