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ROCK MAKER allows you to conduct searches on the data generated by your experiments. A search can help you determine something as simple as which plates were set up on a particular day or something as powerful as which wells formed crystals with a particular combination of ingredients.

Search and Filter works best if you first define the search criteria, run the search, and then apply filters to mine the data for the results you are interested in exploring.


Search Criteria

The Search For selection that you choose tells ROCK MAKER what part of the experiment results you are interested in seeking and exploring. It also determines which types of data will be included in the search results.

Options include:


The Search In selection tells ROCK MAKER exactly where to conduct the search. You may want to search in only a single experiment, or you may decide to search through an entire project folder. At this point, you can click the Search button to execute the search, or you can navigate to the Advanced button to add specific constraints and to include more search fields.


Instant Filters

Once your search is complete, the Instant Filters tab will appear and allow you to break down your results dynamically and identify patterns from the results.

Edit Columns in the Search Result table at the bottom of your screen will automatically be available when you complete your search. You can specify your search from the Available Search Fields, and add it to the Field Name.

Charts are visual representations of search results. You can select a predefined chart from the Predefined Charts list, or work with custom charts to generate graphs as required by selecting fields for the axes from the drop-down menus. You can also interact with the graph to change the way it divides the search results.

Search results can be exported to a text file for further analysis.


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