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Deck Geometry Correction

Important: This instruction is intended for advanced users only! Doing something incorrectly here may render your instrument inoperable. Consult with FORMULATRIX support if you have any questions.

If the MANTIS is dispensing drops that are not aligning with your plate drop locations, you may need to tune the MANTIS dispense location settings using the Deck Geometry Wizard and the reference plate.

In the instructions that follow, you will learn how to tune four points on the MANTIS plate holder: A1, A12, H1, and H12. The MANTIS then interpolates these locations to determine each remaining drop location on a plate.





Correcting the Deck Geometry

  1. Attach a chip to the MANTIS hand.

  2. Place the pipette tip in the pipette tip input on the chip.

  3. Prepare the reference plate. The reference plate has cross hairs located in every corner that can be used as reference points (see the picture below, indicated by four red circles).

Reference Plate

  1. Place the reference plate on the MANTIS plate holder. Use the A1 location (indicated by the orange circle) as the reference point.

A1 Location

  1. On the Tools menu, click Deck Geometry Correction.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Deck Geometry Correction Wizard


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