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LC3 High Capacity Chip Changer

The LC3 is an optional high-capacity chip changer that allows the MANTIS to work with many more reagents than its typical setup.


LC3 Front View

LC3 Back View


Locating Plates



The LC3 is the base for the chip changer carousel. It has several components such as power ports, USB ports and a barcode scanner port.



The chip changer carousel consists of chip stations and tube holders. There are two types of carousels, with 24-chip or 18-chip capacity.


Tube Holders

Depending on the type of LC3 carousel you use, the tube holders are compatible with either 15 mL Falcon tubes or 50 mL Falcon tubes.


Chip Changers

The chip changers are compatible with High Volume (HV), Low Volume (LV), High Volume PFE, Low Volume PFE, High Volume 3PFE, Low Volume 3PFE, and Continuous Flow (CF) chips.


USB Ports

There are four USB ports, three Type A and one Type B. The Type B port is used for connecting the LC3 to your MANTIS. The other three can be used for USB flash drives.


Power Switch

The power switch turns the LC3 on and off.


Power Ports

There are two power ports, one for connecting the LC3 to the MANTIS — as the MANTIS can power itself off of the LC3 — and one for connecting the LC3 to a power outlet.


Barcode Scanner Port

The barcode scanner port is used for connecting the LC3 to a barcode scanner. Please note that the barcode scanner is optional.


Locating Plate

The function of the locating plate is to align the LC3 with the MANTIS.

There are three different locating plates: Left, Right and Right-Left. The locating plate shipped with your MANTIS depends on your specific order.


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