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MANTIS Chip's Nozzle Kits Catalog

FORMULATRIX offers a variety of nozzle sizes for our MANTIS chips to allow users to customize their chips to best suit their needs. If you wish to purchase the MANTIS chip nozzles or additional MANTIS chips please visit the MANTIS web shop or contact FORMULATRIX sales representative at Here is the list of available MANTIS chip nozzle sizes.

Note: All sizes of nozzle strip can be used with Low Volume, High Volume, and Continuous Flow chips.

Image and Nozzle Type Description
Color* Part Number Inner Diameter Size (mm)
Red 232994


Translucent 210644 0.15

Low Volume Standard

Blue 232995 0.2
Yellow 232996 0.3
Peach 232997 0.4

High Volume Standard

Green 206237 0.5
Maroon 232998 0.6

Low Volume PFE Standard

CF PFE Standard**

Dark Brown 232289 0.15

High Volume PFE Standard

Dark Brown 232518 0.3
MANTIS Nozzle Kit - Silicone (2 each) Assorted 233036 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6

*The color of the actual nozzles might be slightly different from the images displayed above.

**Use this nozzle size to calibrate reagent for use with the Continuous Flow (PFE) chips.

Note: Should you experience any dispensing issues after changing nozzles, see Troubleshooting or contact for further assistance.


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