The Ribbon


The ribbon organizes almost all of the tasks you will perform while using ROCK MAKER into tabs, and then into groups, making it easier to find the commands you need.

Ribbon Menu



The Home tab is always open, and it's the default tab on the ribbon menu. The Home tab is divided into the following groups:



The Experiment contextual tab set appears when you create or open an experiment. It contains three tabs: Design, View, and Reports.


Imaging Tab

The Image contextual tab set appears once an experiment has images. It consists of five tabs: Imaging, Drops, Scores, Import/Export, and Tools.



The Screen contextual tab set appears when you are working with a screen. It consists of three tabs: Design, View, and Reports — similar to the Experiment contextual tab set.

The Design tab contains the layer tools, print barcode, and export/import screen. The View tab contains buttons related to changing the view of your screen design, and the plate, ingredient, and screen lot info buttons. The Reports tab contains buttons for each type of screen report.


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