Harvesting Crystals

Once you find an experiment hit, you can virtually harvest your crystals and assign them to a Synchrotron Trip.


To harvest crystals:

  1. Open an experiment with crystals.

  2. Then, go to the Drop(s) tab in the Images tab set.

  3. Double-click on a well that contains the crystal you want to harvest in Canvas view, to open that well in Drop view.

  4. Click the Harvest Crystal button and draw a rectangle around the crystal location within the drop.

  5. Once you have drawn a box around the crystal, the Crystal Definition window will appear. Here, you will need to define the following:

Note: You can see the drop from the Image Preview on the right side of the Crystal Definition panel.

  1. In the Cryoprotectant panel, define the cryoprotectant you used prior to freezing your crystal:

Note: You are required to fill in the cryoprotectant information.

Note: If you want to save your current cryoprotectant selections for future use, type a descriptive name for your cryoprotectants in the Save Cryoprotectant as box. Your selections will be saved when you click Apply after you are finished inputting your data in the Crystal Definition window.

  1. In the Soaking panel, you will define the name of any compound (or ligand) that you soaked your crystal in, as follows:

  1. Browse a document from a directory and attach it in the Attachment box of this crystal record, if desired.

  2. Type any additional information regarding the crystal in the Notes field, if desired.

  3. When you are finished defining your crystal, click Apply to mark the crystal as harvested. A harvested crystal icon will appear on the experiment plate icon.

Note: Harvested crystals that do not have their synchrotron trip, puck, and dewar defined can be found by opening the project the crystal came from. Crystals with their synchrotron trip, puck, and dewar already defined can be found in the relevant Synchrotron Trip in the Crystal Tracking node on the Explorer.


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