Reagent List

The TEMPEST software provides you with Reagent List menu to store all of the reagents for your dispense. The Reagent List menu has four columns: Reagent Name, Liquid Class, Dispense Mode, and delete column. You can modify each reagent as well as set its Liquid Class and Dispense Mode for more accurate dispense at any time.

To open the reagent list menu, click Reagent List under the Tools menu.

Reagent List

Reagent Name Column

The Reagent Name column contains a list of all of the reagents saved to TEMPEST. You can add new reagents to this list, as needed. You can select the liquid class and dispense mode for each reagent according to your needs. TEMPEST will always use the parameters from the reagent list for different dispenses, unless you import your own reagent configuration, which will override the reagent list settings.


Liquid Class

These options allow you to select a liquid class for your reagent, based on its viscosity. The liquid classes available in the Liquid Class list are defined in the liquid class menu. You can select 1-10 cP to dispense any reagents with viscosity up to 10 cP, or select 10-15 cP for reagents with viscosity between 10 and 15 cP.


Dispense Mode

You can configure the small and large diaphragm exchange when executing a dispense, by selecting either the Fast or Precise mode in the Dispense Mode options.

The Fast mode allows TEMPEST to switch between the small and large diaphragm to finish the dispense of a reagent to a well before moving onto the next one. The Precise mode allows TEMPEST to dispense to all of the wells using the small diaphragm first, then run a pre-dispense process before continuing to dispense the reagent with the large diaphragm. Precise mode ensures greater precision for small volume dispenses, but takes longer to perform than Fast mode.


Delete Column

TEMPEST allows you to modify and add a new reagent name to the reagent list as many as you need. You can also delete the specific reagent as you no longer use the reagent in your dispensing.


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