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Data Backup and Recovery

MANTIS automatically detects any corrupted files during the software installation and provides options to restore your data accordingly. To ensure trouble-free data restoration, backup your config file as often as desired by following the instructions below.



To save the backup data file:

  1. Go to the Backup Config Options option under the Tools menu.

  2. Select Backup Config File.

    Selecting the Backup Config File Option

  3. In the Backup Config File window, MANTIS provides default file name with date and time information. This filename is user-editable, however the destination folder is fixed based on the location of your MANTIS installation.

    Backup Config File Window

  4. Click Backup to confirm.

  5. Congratulations! Your backup is successfully saved in ZIP file format.


To restore a backup file:

  1. Go to the Backup Config Options option under the Tools menu, and select Restore Backup Config File.

  2. From the Select a Backup window, choose the backup file that you want to restore and click OK.

  3. Click Yes to confirm the data restoration.

    Important: Restoring a backup file will overwrite the current configuration data.

    Confirming the Data Restoration

  4. The MANTIS will automatically reboot to load the backup data.


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