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Continuous Flow

Continuous Flow is an optional feature of the MANTIS V3 that enables MANTIS to dispense a constant stream of liquid. When combined with pressurized bottles, continuous flow chips can dispense volumes from 5 µL – ∞ µL in an uninterrupted stream, perfect for setting up deep well blocks. FORMULATRIX provides continuous flow harnesses for 50 mL Falcon tubes, 250 mL Nalgene media bottles, and GL45 capped glassware. Each reagent that you plan to use with a Continuous Flow chip must be calibrated for Continuous Flow use, or dispensed using the default values for 1cP liquid. Later on, you can export the CF calibration results and share the data across MANTIS instruments. You can also import your own CF calibration data to the MANTIS software to be used with the Continuous Flow chips.

Read the following Tutorials for more information about the Continuous Flow calibration:

MANTIS V3 Set up With One Continuous Flow Bottle


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