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ROCK MAKER® Crystallization Software Integration View

Next to the Task List view is the ROCK MAKER (RM) Integration view that allows you to import and run an experiment as defined in ROCK MAKER. This view is only enabled if you use ROCK MAKER as your Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS). Please contact to enable NT8 integration with ROCK MAKER.

ROCK MAKER Integration View

ROCK MAKER Integration consists of two areas: Plate Stations and the ROCK MAKER Experiment Property panel.

Note: Enabling the ROCK MAKER Integration settings through Options in the Tools menu will only allow access to the ROCK MAKER Integration view in the NT8 interface. For your ROCK MAKER and NT8 programs to be integrated, FORMULATRIX support will need to modify some of the SQL settings on your computer. Please contact for more information.

For further information on how to create an experiment in ROCK MAKER, please see the Experiment Design section of the ROCK MAKER help file.


Plate Stations

The Plate Stations in the ROCK MAKER Integration View

Each Plate Station has an Enter barcode field in which you can type in your experiment barcode number as defined in ROCK MAKER. You can make use of the three available Plate Stations on the NT8 deck to load up to three different barcodes from ROCK MAKER at the same time, provided each experiment requires the use of the same plate type.

Note: If you make any changes to the dispense design after this step in the NT8 software, ROCK MAKER will not mark the experiment as dispensed. The original design is preserved in ROCK MAKER unless you edit the experiment in ROCK MAKER.

ROCK MAKER Experiment Properties Panel

ROCK MAKER experiment information appears in the ROCK MAKER Experiment Properties panel after your experiment barcode is validated. It comprises three tabs:

*The seeding option is available only for ROCK MAKER 3.10 or newer.

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