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Setting Up Auto Profile

The µPULSE allows you to create a profile consisting of desired experiment settings for concentrating sample or performing buffer exchange. The system tracks volume as it runs sequences based on the values you have entered when designing a profile.

To set up a new profile, tap AUTO PROFILE on the Home Screen. Then choose between these 3 options:


The Auto Profile Menu

Tip: Tap the Help button to get acquainted with the software and learn about what you can do in the AUTO PROFILE menu.


Creating a New Profile

  1. Tap AUTO PROFILE on the Home Screen and select one of the options:

    To create and run a concentrate profile, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the ADVANCED SETUP EXPLORER to change the pressure settings.
  2. Click EDIT to change settings.

Note: Tap the Edit button to adjust Return Valve Pressure.

Advanced Setup Menu


  1. Tap SAVE SETUP AS to save the customized settings.

  2. Click LOAD SETUP to use the saved settings.





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