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Calibrating Continuous Flow Chips

Continuous Flow (CF) chips must be calibrated whenever you want to use them with reagents that have not already been calibrated for continuous flow use. CF chip calibration determines the amount of fluid dispensed per unit of time. This tutorial will show you how to calibrate the CF chips for a more consistent flow rate, resulting in a more accurate dispense.

Here, you will learn how to calibrate a new reagent, use the default data for a 1 cP liquid (such as pure water), or even copy any existing calibration data from a similar reagent. The calibration procedure includes inputting some information about your reagent, instrument setup, defining the dispense parameters, preparing the tools needed for calibration, and then dispensing the reagent.

Tip: For quicker calibration, you can import a .CSV file of a Continuous Flow calibration data from your computer to the MANTIS software. You can also export the calibration data of your calibrated reagents for future reference. For more information, see Exporting and Importing Continuous Flow Data Across MANTISes.


Required Tools




To calibrate a Continuous Flow chip:

  1. Go to the Tools menu, click Continuous Flow Calibration.

  2. In the Continuous Flow Options window, select Continuous Flow Calibration and then click Next.

    Continuous Flow Option Window

  3. In the Continuous Flow Calibration wizard, select the calibration type from the following options:

  4. Congratulations! You have successfully calibrated the reagent for a CF chip. You can see the results of the calibration displayed in the wizard. Click Finish when you’re done.

    Calibration Is Complete

Important: For the most accurate dispense possible, we recommended recalibrating your reagents each time you change CF chips. To do so, open the Continuous Flow Calibration wizard, select the New Calibration option, then follow the instructions of the New Calibration above. If you recalibrate a reagent, the previous calibration data will be replaced by the new calibration setup.


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