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Importing Dispense Data

If you have externally generated experiment designs saved as .CSV files, (either volume or concentration data) you can easily load them into the MANTIS software using the Import Dispense Data feature. There are three support layouts: Well Name Based, Reagent Name Based, and Well Name Based With Delay and Priority. MANTIS will convert your .CSV file into a dispense list and allow you to edit each of the experiment parameters, if necessary. When you have finished editing the parameters, you can save your work as a protocol to be used for future dispenses. Protocols generated from .CSV files even allow reloading of updated data after saving. To access the Import Dispense Data wizard, go to the File menu and select the Import Dispense Data option.

Note: MANTIS also provides a .CSV sample file for each dispense data option. To show or download the file, click the link under the option name. Then, select the available application to open it, and click OK. If needed, you can modify the data in the .CSV sample file and save the modified file with a different name to keep the original version. To continue, minimize or close the window, then click Next.

Import Dispense Data Option

Select from the following options to learn how to import your .CSV file for dispense using the MANTIS.

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