Finding Orphan Images with Image Cleanup

The Image Cleanup utility searches the image database used by ROCK MAKER and finds images that do not have an associated experiment. This allows you to reclaim space that has been occupied by unnecessary images. This utility will search completed plates’ data and inform you of the amount of space being used by it.

You can execute Image Cleanup by clicking the Find Orphan Images button on the Application Menu button.

Orphan Images Button in the Application Menu

Orphan Images Button in the Application Menu

The Image Cleanup dialog box will display information about the different image stores to search (see below).

Image Cleanup

Image Cleanup


There can be single or multiple image stores depending upon the stores that have been defined in the General node, found under Setup on the Explorer tab.

  1. Select an image store and click Search. The results are displayed in the Results table, and the Search button is disabled until you change your selection from the Image Stores table. Various information is displayed about each image store, including plate IDs, approximate imaging date, creation date, and size in kilobytes.

  2. Select an image store from the Results table and click Move to Archive Folder at the bottom of the Image Cleanup dialog box. The image store is placed in the archive folder.


It is the responsibility of the user to delete images from the archive folder.

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