Application Menu Button

The Application Menu button is at the top-left of the software window under the ROCK MAKER icon. If you click the Application Menu button, you will see the Save and Close commands, a list of tools commonly used by administrators, and a list of recent documents.

Application Menu Button

Application Menu Button




Saves a particular task you are currently doing, such as creating an experiment, protein formulation, or defining a plate type. You can also press Ctrl+S on your keyboard.

Save All

Saves all the changes you made on all open tabs, and not just the one you are currently on.


Closes the currently open tab.

Close All

Closes all open tabs.


Contains a list of user setups and some initial settings you need to choose before using ROCK MAKER. Read Administrator and User Setup for more information.

Find Orphan Images

Enables you to find images that do not have an associated experiment. Learn how to find orphan images.

Vendor Screens

Leads you to the ROCK MAKER XML screen file repository where you can find commonly used commercial screens. You can then import those XML screen files to ROCK MAKER and use them in your experiments.


Opens the Licensing window where you can see the ROCK MAKER license status and request license activation either manually or online.


The Help option consists of the following sub-options:

  • Help Topics: Guides you to the online ROCK MAKER help file.

  • Show Startup Tips: Opens the ROCK MAKER startup tips.

  • Release Notes: Shows you the ROCK MAKER release notes.

  • Check for Update: Allows you to check for available software updates. Make sure you have a stable internet connection when checking for updates online.

  • Manual Update: Enables you to upgrade your ROCK MAKER software offline by using the installer you have already downloaded.

  • About: Provides information about the ROCK MAKER version and release date.

Support Tools

Provides support-related options, such as opening log and config files as well as showing MARCO availability, if your software supports this feature.


Exits the ROCK MAKER software.

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