Adding Plate Types

To use a plate in an experiment, you must first define it in Plate Types Setup.

To add a new plate type:

  1. On the Explorer, expand the Setup node and then double-click the Plate Types node.

  2. Right-click the Plate Types table and select New Plate Type.

    Select New Plate Type

    Select New Plate Type

  3. In the new row, type the details about the new Plate Type in the relevant columns. For descriptions of these columns, see Plate Types Setup.

    Enter Details About the New Plate Type

    Enter Details About the New Plate Type

  4. To save the new plate type, on the Application Menu button, click Save.


    Press Ctrl+S.


    To delete a plate type, right-click on it and select Delete Plate Type. ROCK MAKER will not allow you to delete a Plate Type that is being used in an experiment.

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