Ingredients Reports

Ingredient reports display the ingredients used in each well of a single plate. It is a print out of the Canvas view when you are in the Ingredients view.

  1. Right-click a plate on the canvas, point to Reports and then click Ingredients Report.


    Click the Ingredient Report button image1 in the Report tab on the Experiment contextual tab set.

    Ingredients Report Printing Options

    Ingredients Report Printing Options

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    Max Ingredients to Show on Report

    Enter the number of ingredients that you want to display for each well.

    Show Protein Name

    When selected, the protein name will appear for each well.

    Show Drop Volumes

    When selected, the drop volume will appear for each well.

    Show Well Volumes

    When selected, the well volume will appear for each well.

    Show Column Name Heading

    When selected, column name headings will appear in the report.

    Fit to Page

    Here you can specify how many rows and columns will appear on each page of the report. If you select Fit to Page, the entire plate will be printed on one page. To limit the number of wells printed on each page, deselect the Fit to Page checkbox and enter values in the Rows and Columns boxes.

    Ingredient Name Options

    Select either Long Ingredient Name or Short Ingredient Name to appear in each well.

    Ingredient Data Options

    Select the ingredient attributes that you want to appear for each well, such as Concentration, pH, and pH Volumes.

    Advanced Font Settings

    Click this button to make changes to the default font settings for the report.

  2. Click Print Preview.

  3. To print the report, click the Print button at the top of the preview window.

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