Printing Ingredient Labels

ROCK MAKER allows you to print labels to place on your ingredient stocks. A label displays important information about an ingredient including the name, concentration, and a barcode that is readable by the optional barcode scanner that works in conjunction with ROCK MAKER.

Plate Barcode

Plate Barcode

Labels can be printed from the Ingredients Setup, the Add Ingredient dialog box, and the Edit Ingredient dialog box.

To print ingredient labels from Ingredients Setup:

  1. Select one or more ingredients from the Ingredients table. Hold down the Shift key or the Ctrl key to select multiple ingredients.

  2. Right-click the selected ingredients.

  3. Select Print Label. One label for each ingredient’s default stock is printed on your default printer.

To print labels from the Add Ingredient or Edit Ingredient dialog box:

  • In the Stocks table, right-click a stock and select Print labels.

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