Manual License Activation

Manual license activation should be done when ROCK MAKER does not have Internet access to the FORMULATRIX server.


  • ROCK MAKER application, database and licensing configuration have been setup.

  • You have received your license file from FORMULATRIX.

How to activate a manual license:

  1. Place the license file somewhere on the ROCK MAKER computer, e.g., the Desktop.

  2. Run ROCK MAKER.

  3. If a license violation message pops up, click the Activate License button. Otherwise, on the Application Menu, click Licensing.



  4. On Manual Activation, click Activate.

  5. Click Yes. ROCK MAKER will ask for your license file.

  6. Browse to the license file you placed in step 1 and click Open. ROCK MAKER will first try to activate the license, and then show a message indicating whether the activation was successful or not. If activation was successful, the application will restart.

  7. You can delete the license file you placed in step 1. It is no longer needed by the application.

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