Protein Formulations

After you create a project, the next step is to create one or more protein formulations to use in the project’s experiments. When it is filled out in its entirety, the protein formulation defines the following:

  • The contents of the eppendorf tube in which you place the protein involved in the project

  • Any compounds with which you wish to co-crystallize the protein

  • Any other added ingredients, such as a buffer or reducing agent

However, you can choose not to fill out any information in the protein formulation document, and you can still use it in experiments.

To use a protein formulation in an experiment, simply drag the protein from the Explorer to the drop in the well. The protein will then be applied to every drop at this location in every well. You can then resize the layer so that the protein is applied to only certain wells by dragging the edges of the protein layer.

The Protein Formulation Wizard

The Protein Formulation Wizard is a tool that uses an existing protein formulation to create multiple protein formulations at once. You can invoke the wizard from either the project level or the protein formulation level on the Explorer.

When you invoke the Protein Formulation Wizard, you first specify the protein that will be used in the formulations. Then you enter the compounds that will be combined with that protein, followed by the standard ingredients that will go into each formulation. One protein formulation will be generated for every compound you enter, with each formulation containing one compound plus the specified protein and all of the standard ingredients you have chosen. The name given to each formulation will be a combination of the protein name and the name of the compound.

For example, let’s say you want to generate three formulations using a HEWL protein. The data that you enter in the Protein Formulation Wizard are as follows:

Protein Name


Standard Ingredients


PFE Compound1

Tris Hydrochloride

PFE Compound2

Cesium Chloride

PFE Compound3


Using this data, the wizard will generate the following three protein formulations:

Protein Formulation Name

Contents of Formulation

HEWL PFE Compound1

  • HEWL Protein

  • PFE Compound1

  • Tris Hydrochloride

  • Cesium Chloride

  • Water

HEWL PFE Compound2

  • HEWL Protein

  • PFE Compound2

  • Tris Hydrochloride

  • Cesium Chloride

  • Water

HEWL PFE Compound3

  • HEWL Protein

  • PFE Compound3

  • Tris Hydrochloride

  • Cesium Chloride

  • Water

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