Creating a Synchrotron Trip

The Synchrotron Trip is where you can define which crystals will be sent to the synchrotron facility, and some basic information about the analysis performed during the synchrotron trip.


Only a ROCK MAKER Administrator or an unauthorized user can create, edit, or delete a synchrotron trip.

To create a Synchrotron Trip:

  1. From the Explorer, right-click the Synchrotron Trips node, and select New Synchrotron Trip.


    For clearer documentation, you can rename the new Synchrotron Trip with the name of the synchrotron facility your crystals will be sent to, such as CHESS or APS.

  2. In the Synchrotron Trip Info panel, define the following:

    • Status. Shows the status of the Synchrotron Trip.


    The default status will be Close if the date and time of the data collection is the same with the current time, or in the past. The status will automatically change to Open if you change the data collection date and time to some point in the future.

    • Data Collection Date. Required field. Define the date and time when the data will be collected at the synchrotron facility.

    • BeamLine. Enter the name of the beamline that will be used for your crystals at the synchrotron.

    • Detector Type. Enter the type of detector at the synchrotron where your crystals will be sent.

    • Contact Person. Enter the name of the staff member/support at the synchrotron who will be in charge of your data collection.

    • Phone Number. Type the phone number of the contact person.

    • Notes. Type any additional notes or information that needs to be included in the synchrotron trip record.

  3. Save your Synchrotron Trip by clicking the Save buttonimage1 or by pressing Ctrl+S on your keyboard.

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