Adding a Purchased Screen Lot

When you purchase a screen lot for use in experiments, you must enter information about the lot into ROCK MAKER.

To enter information about a purchased screen lot:

  1. Create a new screen, or open an existing screen.

  2. Click the Lots button in the Info group on the View tab in the Screen contextual tab set.

  3. Right-click the Screen Lots table and select New Lot. A new row is inserted.

  4. Use the following table as a guide for entering information about the new screen lot:



    Lot Number

    ROCK MAKER automatically assigns this number.


    Click in the Comment column to type a comment about the screen lot.


    Click in the Container column and select the appropriate container type. These are defined on the Containers.

    Dispense Volume (μL)

    When entering info about a purchased lot, this column does not apply. (When dispensing a screen lot, this is the volume to dispense into the screen lot.)

    Current Volume (μL)

    Click in the new screen lot’s Current Volume box and type a value. This will typically be 1500 μL for a purchased screen lot.

  5. If you already have the conditions available in an XML file, import the file. See Importing Screen Conditions for instructions.
    If you do not have a file that describes the contents of the screen lot, you must enter the conditions by drawing layers on the Canvas tab.
  6. Print a label for the screen lot and place it on the screen lot for identification purposes.
    To print a label for a screen lot, right-click on it and select Print Labels.
  7. Save your changes by selecting Save from the Application Menu button.


    Press Ctrl+S.

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