Scoring Overview

There are four kinds of scores that ROCK MAKER displays:

  • Manual Scores

  • Inherited Scores

  • Auto Scores

  • FRAP Scores

Manual scores are the score you give a plate through your own analysis. A score becomes “inherited” once new images have been taken of a drop, but the drop is not yet scored. An auto score is a score applied to SHG and UV-TPEF images that is generated by ROCK IMAGER, and is either positive or negative. It attempts to indicate which images contain protein crystals. FRAP scores are computerized scores, assigned by ROCK IMAGER that display in ROCK MAKER. You cannot edit or change a FRAP score.

Manual Scores

When you’re viewing images, you can easily assign scores to your images by pressing the corresponding numeric key on your keyboard. You can also assign scores by clicking a score on the Scores tab. If you accidentally assigned a score, you can either remove it by pressing the same numeric key on your keyboard, or by clicking the selected score on the Scores tab. To change a score, press a different number on your keyboard, or click a different number on the Scores tab. When you do this make sure Auto Select Next Well isn’t on, or you will have to navigate back to the drop first.

Scores Tab

Scores Tab

The score then appears on the bottom left of the Drop tab, on the Canvas score view, and in the upper-right corner of the canvas.

Plate's Scores

Plate’s Scores

Inherited Scores

If new images have been taken since the last scoring session, the score is referred to as an inherited score because the score was “inherited” from the previous session.

Tip: You can select Inherit Score in the Scoring properties in the General tab. This option is only available for ROCK MAKER Administrator.

As you can see in the image below, an inherited score is outlined in the related score color.

Inherited Score

Inherited Score

Auto Scores

  • Auto Scores for UV and SONICC Images

When either UV or SONICC images have an autoscore, you will see a green plus sign or a red minus sign on the image.

Example of Autoscored UV Images

Example of Autoscored UV Images

  • Auto Scores for Visible Images (MARCO/Sherlock)

When a visible image has an autoscore, you will see a decimal value in a colored square on the image. The square will be one of two colors depending on which class the image scores into: Crystal or Non Crystal. See Scoring Images Using Autoscoring Models for more information.

Example of Autoscored Visible Images

Example of Autoscored Visible Images

FRAP Scores

FRAP scores help you to analyze the results of a FRAP imaging session. For more information on analyzing FRAP scores, please see the FRAP user’s guide and help file.