Experiment Reports

ROCK MAKER allows you to print comprehensive, detailed information related to your experiments. A printed report can include layer information and design, ingredient, and image views, in addition to more general information. You can keep the printed reports as records for your lab notebook.

Creating an Experiment Report

You can create an experiment report from either a single experiment, or from multiple experiments. If you would like to create a report from more than one experiment, first press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard while selecting the desired experiments from the Explorer. When you have selected the desired experiment(s), follow these instructions:

  1. Right-click an experiment node from the tree and select Experiment Report. OR Click the Experiment Report button image1 on the Reports tab in the Experiment contextual tab set.

    Report Printing Options

    Report Printing Options

  2. Select or clear the check boxes on the Experiment Printing Options next to the desired print options. By default, all printing options are selected the first time you print. You can clear any of these to exclude them from the printout. ROCK MAKER will remember your selections the next time you print.

  3. Select the desired Imaging Setting(s) from the provided list.
  4. Click Print Preview to see a preview before you print.
    Click Print to send your report to the printer.

About the Experiment Report

At the beginning of the Print Summary Report are sections that contain general information such as:

  • Experiment data

  • Project data

  • Imaging settings used by the experiment

  • The experiment’s imaging schedule

  • The plates generated by the experiment, and

  • The full list of ingredients used in all experiment layers.

Experiment Report

Experiment Report

Layer Information

This area of the report includes a separate section for each layer of the experiment, including layer design data specific to that layer type. Here is an example of what you would see for two Grid layers.

Layer Information

Layer Information

Design, Ingredient, and Image Views

At the end of the Experiment Report are images of each experiment plate in Design view, Image view, and Ingredient view.



Design View

Image View

Ingredient View

Ingredient View

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