Mouse Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Mouse-Driven Commands

  2. Keyboard Shortcuts

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Mouse-Driven Commands


Some commands are accessed through the left button of your mouse. For example, to select a row on a table or a well on the Canvas tab, simply click it. To edit a row on a table, double-click it. Double-clicking also opens items such as documents on the Explorer and items in search results.


Most commands are available through right-clicking. For example, you have right-clicked the Samples folder on the Explorer, and a list of all commands related to that item have displayed. To select a command, simply click it. Commands that appear dimmed are not available for selection.


Some commands are only available through a drag-and-drop operation. This means that you click an item, and while holding down the mouse button, drag the item to an area of the document, and release the mouse button to drop it into that area. For example, to add an ingredient to a condition, you would drag the ingredient from the Ingredients tab to the Conditions table on the Layer tab.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A quick way to access many commands is to use keyboard shortcuts, which typically consist of one or two keystrokes. When a command has a keyboard shortcut, the shortcut appears to the right of the command on one of the right-click menus. For example, you will see Ctrl+X to the right of Cut. That means that holding down the Ctrl key while pressing the X key has the same effect as selecting Cut from the right-click menu.

Shortcut Table

The following are explanations of the most common shortcuts available in ROCK MAKER:

General Shortcuts


Copy This command allows you to copy items such as the following things:

  • items on the Explorer

  • selected text in text fields

  • ingredients of a protein formulation

  • conditions

  • wells

You can use the Paste command to paste the copied item into another location.


Cut This command copies and removes a layer from the canvas, an item from the Explorer, or text from a text box. You can use the Paste command to paste the cut item or text into another location.


Paste This command pastes a copied or cut item or text.


Save This command saves changes made to the current document.


Undo This command reverses the last action you performed in the current document.


Redo This command re-performs an action previously undone.


Insert This key is used to insert new items into a table.


Delete This key is used to remove items from a table.

Ctrl and click and drag

Copy This command is used on the Explorer. Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging an item from one Explorer folder to another, and that item is copied instead of moved.

Ctrl and click

Multi-select This command selects non-consecutive items on the Explorer. Press and hold down the Ctrl key, and then click each item that you want to select.

Shift and click

Select consecutive items This command selects consecutive items on the Explorer. Press and hold down the Shift key, and then click the last consecutive item.

Arrow keys

The arrow keys move you up and down through table rows and left and right through table columns.


The Tab key moves you from field to field when editing items in a document.


Opens the ROCK MAKER University.


Rename the name of an experiment, a project, a screen, or a protein.


Refresh the Explorer.

*The undo and redo functions are currently available for select actions performed in Canvas mode only.

Plate View Shortcuts

Arrow keys

The left, right, up, and down arrow keys move between wells.


Next unscored well.

Ctrl+Right Arrow

Next inspection.

Ctrl+Left Arrow

Previous inspection.

  • Ctrl+Up Arrow

  • F11

Next focus level.

  • Ctrl+Down Arrow

  • F12

Previous focus level.

Ctrl+Plus Sign

Zoom in.

Ctrl+Minus Sign

Zoom out.


Best fit view.

Page Up

Next drop number.

Page Down

Previous drop number.

Alt+Right Arrow

Next imaging setting.

Alt+Left Arrow

Previous imaging setting.


Next plate.


Previous plate.

Shift+Right Arrow

Previous region of interest.

Shift+Left Arrow

Next region of interest.

Right Arrow

Next well.

Left Arrow

Previous well.

Up Arrow

Next well row.

Down Arrow

Previous well row.


First well of this plate.


First well of this experiment.


Last well of this plate.


Last well of this experiment.

Alt and mouse click

Highlights all the wells which have the ingredient currently selected by the user.


Deletes the selected annotation, scribble, or measurement.


Zoom in on the selected plate.


Switch between Design View, Image View, Ingredients View, and Score View.


Close current active tab.


Refresh the Plate view.

Press mouse wheel and drag

Pressing the mouse wheel and dragging the mouse across the canvas will drag the canvas.

Right-click and Drag

If you select an area on the Canvas, then right-click and drag, you will zoom in on that area.

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