Editing Dispensed Experiments

If you have already dispensed or imaged an experiment plate, ROCK MAKER “locks” the experiment to prevent users from making any changes to the experiment. If, however, you want to edit a previously dispensed or locked experiment for any reason, it’s possible to unlock it and make changes to the experiment’s ingredients.


  • You have imaged or dispensed a plate.

  • You have selected the “Allow to edit read only experiment” in Advanced Properties.

To unlock a dispensed experiment:

  1. Open your experiment (the padlock button on the Canvas tab represents a locked experiment).

Locked Experiment

Locked Experiment

  1. Click the Edit Experiment button image1in the Tasks group on the Design tab of the Experiment tab set. OR Drag a new ingredient to the experiment.

  2. Click Yes on the warning message that appears. If you drag a new ingredient to the experiment, another message appears asking you to select a Target Type. Select the desired layer type for the new ingredient and click OK.

    Add the New Ingredient to a Grid Layer

    Add the New Ingredient to a Grid Layer

  3. Save your changes.

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