Searching for Drops without Scores

It’s possible to locate all drops without scores using Search and Filter, so that you may score them.


  • Your experiment has been imaged at least once.

To locate images without scores using Search and Filter:

  1. Go to the Explorer and right-click on the Searches folder. Select New Search and Filter.
    Click the New Search and Filter button image1 in the Create group of the Home tab.
  2. Under Search for, select a search target from the list. You may select any of the options except for Projects, Screen and Screen Hits.

  3. Select Browse to select an experiment, a project, or even a folder from the search location panel, click the image2 button, and click OK.

  4. Click the Advanced button and go to the Search Constraints tab.

  5. In the Constraints tab, click the Add Constraint button and navigate to Well Drop Score in the Search Fields.

  6. Select Group Name.

  7. Click the first drop-down box below the Search Fields field and select IS NULL.

    Search Constraints

    Search Constraints

  8. Click the Search button. You will see a table of drops without scores.

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