Reviewing Crystal Track Data

Reviewing the crystal track data that you have created is important to ensure that the data is accurate. You can review which harvested crystal is assigned to a particular synchrotron trip or who is the owner of a harvested crystal. You can also review your synchrotron trip after the diffraction data has been collected on the harvested crystals at the synchrotron facility.

Reviewing Your Harvested Crystals

Once you have harvested crystals, you can review their data.


  • You have harvested a crystal.

To review your harvested crystals:

  1. Go to the Synchrotron Trips node on the explorer.

  2. Select the desired Synchrotron Trip.

  3. You can check out the harvested crystals that are assigned to the synchrotron trip from the Assigned Crystals panel. Here, you can see the Crystal ID, Crystal Name, Harvested From data, and the Owner of the harvested crystals.

Reviewing Your Synchrotron Trips

You can review your synchrotron trip data to see all of the synchrotron trips that have been created and all of the crystals that have been analyzed.

  1. Expand the Synchrotron Trips node on the Explorer.

  2. Double-click Summary.

  3. The Synchrotron Trips Definition summary appears. Here you can see all of the synchrotron trips that have been recorded in ROCK MAKER. Select any synchrotron trip to see the list of crystals that were assigned to that trip.

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